Custom brand colors in 5 minutes

A pro-level brand palette in 3 steps

Picking colors for your brand can be overwhelming. You want something that connects to your audience without looking like everyone else. See how to take a brand mood board and turn it into a custom color palette. You can see my mood board here.

If a video walkthrough is more your speed, watch here:

1: Capture the Mood

You can start with one pic that you think embodies your brand or you can use an entire mood board. To go the mood board route, go to your Pinterest mood board using the Chrome browser. Use a page capture extension on Chrome to take a picture of your entire mood board. I use GoFullPage but you can use whatever one you prefer. Download the pic.

2: Get the Palette

Go to or and upload your single pic or the download of your full mood board. And voila, the colors will be automatically extracted. *Magic*

<– If you are using the Adobe Color Extract Theme be sure to play around with the radio buttons on the left of the screen to see which result is best.

If you are happy with the colors, you can stop at this step and skip to the extra credit. If it didn’t capture some of the colors you wanted in your palette go to the next step.

3: Refine the Palette

If you want a specific color from your palette go to You can drag one of the bubbles to the specific color you want in your palette.

Extra Credit

To make your life easier save the colors to a Canva brand kit ( ) so it’s ready to go whenever you create a graphic, Insta highlight cover, literally anything related to your brand. If you don’t want to use Canva, just copy the color hex codes to your Notes or a Google Doc – somewhere you can easily find them when needed.

The Takeaway

Using consistent colors is one of the easiest ways to make your brand instantly recognizable AND it builds trust because it shows you are professional / established / reliable – all that good stuff potential clients like to see.

Using color is also the best way to connect psychologically to your ideal clients. They can instantly tell if they vibe with your style just by looking. So use the colors everywhere you show up, including the clothing you wear. I know it seems like a lot, but you’re simply reinforcing your brand.

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