Need a logo? There’s a template for that

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Pssst, wanna hear a secret? Designers don’t always start from scratch.

There I said it. If a project has a tight timeline, or the budget doesn’t allow it, sometimes professional paid designers begin with a template. Once we’re done customizing a template, it’s its own unique piece of art.

What does that mean for you as a small business owner? It means you should save yourself the stress and headache and cut a few corners too! From logos to websites, there is no shame in using a template to bring your own brand to life. A designer made it, just not specifically for you. But once you add your colors, fonts, and most of all, personality, it will be as unique as your brand. There are other businesses that offer the same thing as yours, but not the way you can. The same goes for building a brand. Customizing a template puts your own unique stamp on it.

Where to find logo templates:

Creative Market is my go-to resource for all things fonts and graphics, the two elements I use in almost every brand I create. Take a look for yourself, and don’t say I didn’t warn you…

There are three places on Creative Market you can find logo templates:

  • Fonts: many fonts will include logo templates as a bonus
  • Graphics: find the graphics that fit your brand first, they may include templates as well
  • Templates: if the first two options don’t include logos you like, you can buy pre-made logo templates, then add your own graphics and fonts

*Non-design business tip: the templates, fonts, and graphics you purchase are a tax write-off, so keep that receipt safe.

Some of my favorite logo templates:

The logo templates they offer are usually based around the art/graphic piece, so you’ll just need change the text to your chosen font. If you are looking for a specific logo element, like floral or boho, try searching your term + logo template. If you like a template, but not the art/graphic, you can always switch it out with another one you make or purchase separately.

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What you’ll need to edit the templates:

Many of the logos are provided in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop format (check under product specs to verify). If you don’t have either one, no worries, Adobe offers a 7-day free trial of their products. Just don’t start the trial until you are ready to commit to creating your logo within that week.

*Tip: if you have any interest in subscribing to Photoshop for a year, choose the Photography plan because you get both Photoshop & Lightroom for $9.99/month, less than half the price of just Photoshop alone. (it’s another tax write-off)

That’s it!

Now you have all the pieces you’ll need to DIY your logo so it looks like a pro made it. Let me know what your favorite templates are, and if you have any questions!

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